Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ONE PLACE YOU CAN STILL SEE GUARANTEED BOOTY ON TELEVISION: Next week, the MLB Network debuts a new reality series, Who Wants To Be A Knuckler? (okay: "The Next Knuckler"), in which Tim Wakefield tutors former college and pro quarterbacks in the art of the fluttery pitch. Winner gets an invite to Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training and a chance to pitch in a spring training game; competitors are John David Booty, Josh Booty, Doug Flutie, David Greene, and Ryan Perrilloux.

Yes, Doug Flutie is 50 years old.


  1. Watts9:09 PM

    Does this mean I dig out the Flutie jersey I received as a Christmas present years ago?

    Also, how have I managed to not know there exists such a thing as the Booty Brothers?

  2. Jenn.9:36 AM

    Go, David Greene! [Woof.]

  3. Pray that Perrilloux isn't the first knocked out, lest we be confronted with Booty, Booty, Greene and Flutie headlines that cause our heads to asplode.

  4. Jason Carlin12:57 PM

    It's "Bootay".

    That was either a Buckaroo Banzai or a Keeping Up Appearances joke. I like to appeal to the Sci-Fi/PBS set whenever possible.

  5. victoria8:59 PM

    woof woof woof woof woof