Sunday, February 3, 2013

WIN IT FOR BUNNY COLVIN. WIN IT FOR DOOKIE:  That was a weird, wonderful football game.

Pitchers and catchers report next Tuesday.


  1. F*ck Turtleman. That is all.

  2. Adam B.7:41 AM

    Budweiser wins the AdMeter, so I think Benner wins the pool. Confirmed?

  3. Sure as hell ain't me!

  4. Jordan12:11 PM

    A successful ad has to both get a reaction out of me and keep its product in my mind. So one of my all time favorite ads, cat herding, is out, because I have no idea what it was for. Likewise Bud Black Crown is engraved in my memory, but I have no reason to ever order it. That said, here's the Jordan AdMeter, based on the efficacy of the ads 12 hours later:

    1.) Letterman-I don't care if it was just a throwaway joke or if it wasn't technically a "Super Bowl Ad." It was the only ad to get an audible laugh from me.
    2.) Samsung-Odenkirk et al. It wasn't quite "Bob pitches himself a movie," but it worked for me.
    3.) Jeep/USO-Not a lot of dry eyes in the house.
    4.) Best Buy-Amy Poehler annoys Best Buy. Dongle.
    5.) Dodge Ram-I've got a soft spot for folksy radio. Anything with Paul Harvey or Garrison Keillor will do it for me.

    Honorable Mention: Montana Stain. I liked the commercial, but can't remember the detergent it was trying to sell me.