Thursday, February 7, 2013

THE LEES WERE PUTTING THEIR AUDIOPHILIC NECKS ON THE LINE TO PROP UP WHAT WAS, ESSENTIALLY, A FASHION COMPANY:  Great Gizmodo not-too-long read on how the father and son behind Monster Cable got beat by Dre (and Jimmy Iovine) in their premium headphone collaboration.

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  1. 1. Having had to deal with Monster Cable in a legal capacity before, I welcome them getting their asses kicked. Historically, they've been ENORMOUSLY and unduly aggressive on claiming exclusive rights to all MONSTER formatives with anything vaguely to do with electronics. That makes that they drafted/agreed to such a contract even more inexplicable.

    2. Dre is right. Even if the headphones' sound quality had been mediocre, they succeeded because of the fashion/celebrity pitch, not the engineering pitch.