Monday, May 13, 2013

MICHAEL J. FOX AND THE BUNK:  Coming to NBC this fall. Warning: may include the mockumentary device.


  1. I'll watch it. Heck, I'll set a season recording on the DVR. (Previously only used for The Americans.) I love me some Michael J. Fox.

  2. Marsha2:38 PM

    1. Anything with Michael J. Fox is deserving of my time for a little while.

    2. Anything with Bunk is deserving of my time for a LONG while.

    3. The preview made me laugh at least three times, which is more than I can say for any new comedy in the last two years.

    4. I would say I'm always down with a good Parkinson's joke, but I'm pretty sure that prior to this preview there was no such thing.

    Yup, I'll watch this.

  3. There are funny jokes here, but I'm concerned that they're not quite sure if they want to make a family comedy or a workplace comedy, and finding the balance between those two can be difficult. (Indeed, they had that exact problem with Go On this year.)

  4. Huh. This has been in production around town for the last few months under the placeholder "The Untitled Michael J. Fox Project". I guess they decided to not deviate much when it came time for an actual title.

  5. Marsha11:44 AM

    And with Up All Night.

  6. Chuck1:03 PM

    Shades of Blair's Cousin Geri.

  7. Ditto to everything Marsha said. (Except #3, as I haven't watched the preview yet.) It's Michael J. Fox, so I'm in. He's my childhood crush, after all.