Monday, May 13, 2013

MIGHTY BIG NEWS:  Some folks with familiar names -- basically, all the TWoP alums except for Linda Holmes -- have launched Previously.TV, which looks to be awesome. Among the debut features are a faux-oral history of NBC's lesser Must-See TV shows ("Union Square was very similar to The Wire, in that even if Union Square DID have any black people, the ratings would have been terrible"), and Sarah Bunting on why Donna Martin should not have been allowed to graduate with her class.

Its upcoming Features List suggests a bright future for us all.


  1. sconstant11:24 AM

    Just saw this this morning too, and went to go peek - their archives go back a while, I wondered whether I had just missed it until now or they just opened with all their backlog from the past few months put in all at the same time.

    Anyway, whatever, launch the podcast, already. I miss Extra Hot Great so much, even though half the time I hadn't seen the stuff they were discussing, I loved listening to them immensely.

  2. Adam B.12:09 PM

    I assume they were testing stuff out, but today is the official launch.

  3. Woot! Can't wait to spend some time really exploring this and reading the snark. Just took a quick peek & already kind of love the column "written by" Will McAvoy.

  4. I can already tell that I'm going to love it any time Pamie's Mom provides some commentary:

  5. Well, of all things now I am grateful to Sarah Bunting for explaining the back story of "Donna Martin Graduates," something of which I never bother looking into since I (as stated earlier) stopped watching once the core of the show left and we never saw Andrea again.