Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OUR BALLS ARE IN YOUR COURT:  Splitsider has compiled video of the The 47 Greatest, Most Hilarious Moments in "The Office." And yet it's still lacking: where is Michael's opening soliloquy in "The Injury", and where's the show's Crowning Moment of Awesome, Michael Scott v. David Wallace (and Stringer Bell), "Broke"?

So, yes, maybe the show is limping to the finish line like Steve Carlton in his post-Phillies years when it could have ended upon Steve Carell's departure, but my goodness what a great show we could enjoy during its peak years.


  1. sconstant11:13 AM

    Maybe I did myself a service by missing a lot of last season, but I just went through rough my DVR and watched this season, which had been lingering there unwatched, and I liked a lot of it. There were a few clunker B plots and the vestiges of We Will Spin Rainn Wilson Off were a bit ouchy, but I loved the breach of the fictional fourth wall and a few of the character arcs were better than I had been hoping for given all the manure people have been piling onto the show lately.

  2. Dave S3:23 PM

    They're missing Jim and Pam's 27 seconds of silence in Booze Cruise.

  3. J. Bowman9:40 PM

    Because I can't think of another place to put this:
    My best memories of this show are the first 1.5 seasons, before everyone knew about it. I had watched the BBC version, and I took to the U.S. version quickly, at least once NBC got past its need to remake the BBC series word-for-word (ah, Coupling, we hardly knew ye). My calculus class had a quiz the morning of the Season 2 premiere - the extra credit question was "name any city with a current or former Dunder-Mifflin branch." Very few people got the points (and most who did guessed NYC); that would probably not have been the case during the spring term.
    I just saw a lot of my work lives in that show; the ridiculous tedium of the workday, the out-of-touch boss, the kind-of-off coworkers, the Pam. I guess it's reached the point where I won't really miss the show it's become, but I'll miss the show it was.