Sunday, May 12, 2013

REALLY:  In news which may excite no one -- though, to be fair, I was among many who was dismissive of the Fallon choice -- Seth Meyers has been named the new host of NBC's Late Night franchise.


  1. Adlai2:15 PM

    Nothing against Seth Meyers, who I like a lot, but the network has quite the limited vision for what a late night host should look like.

  2. Jordan2:48 PM

    Too bad. I was pulling for my friend Scott:

  3. See, this is meaningless for me in terms of late night. What makes it much more interesting is who takes over as SNL head writer and who takes over on Weekend Update.

  4. Seth Myers has long been one of the few reasons I occasionally tune in for SNL (the others being Stefon and if the host/musical guest is someone I really really like). I wasn't a fan of Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL, but I really like him on Late Night. I hope Myers can make a smooth transition into hosting. Frankly, I'm most excited about Jay Leno going away. Forever, I hope.

    Annnnnd...this is a lengthy opinion from someone who will probably be sound asleep well before the show is even on each night.