Thursday, November 9, 2006

APPARENTLY, HIS 'LIVING LIFE' CARD TOLD JAY MOORE THAT HE DIDN'T HAVE TO ATTEND: For a certain small percentage of this blog's readership, news of an Amherst alumni basketball game this weekend will be warmly received, with fond memories of the '91-'97 players who'll be attending, including six members of the 1994 team which toppled undefeated Franklin & Marshall on its way to the NCAA Elite Eight. For the rest of you, I can just note that Ken Howard '66 has apparently reattached his head, and the Shadow will be in attendance as well.

My favorite alumni sports story, however, was the classmate of mine who claimed he almost got into a fight with Albert Grimaldi '81 during a friendly "current team v. alums" soccer match, as His Serene Highness was apparently not so serene with the shin-kicking.

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