Tuesday, November 7, 2006

THE LONELINESS OF THE REIGNING LORELAI: Virginia Heffernan's column today on Gilmore Girls is worth reading, for her pointing out changes I hadn't immediately noticed (strummy-strummy-la-la is gone), actual attempts to psychoanalyze Lorelai beyond "she's got Mommy issues!," the observation that Lorelai "prov[es] that a [person's] sensibility can comprise The New Yorker and Us Weekly," and the comment that Alexis Bledel's performances "sometimes showed a Mamet-style anxiety, as if it were all [she] could do just to recite [her] lines." It's almost enough to make up for the bizarre metaphors (Lorelai is like Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen? Graham is "the show’s power forward, playing as hard as she can?")

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