Thursday, November 9, 2006

NEXT WE'LL START LINKING TO AMIHOTORNOT.COM: Well, if we're going to be offensive, let's do it in a bilateral fashion, shall we?

Here's my opener: Brad Pitt is not hot. He's pretty, in a sort of facially sculpty Robert-Redford-minus-all-the-suave-plus-a-soup├žon-of-chimpanzee sort of way. (But his Ocean's 11 buddy, George Clooney? Hot. Not quite as pretty, but way hot. In fact, the apex of hot in my book.)

A few other pretty people who elicit no sparks:
  • Tom Cruise: Even without the Katie and the Suri and the bouncing on the couch, Cruise just never had any sex appeal.
  • Rob Lowe: Just about the prettiest man ever born. But that's where it stops.
  • Scott Wolf: Cheek-squeezingly cute.
  • Orlando Bloom: But see Viggo Mortensen.

I'm open to suggestions on both ends of the question.

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