Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I WON'T LET YOU DOWN; I WILL NOT GIVE YOU UP: After four years, the Washington Post's insightful and well-named pop music critic J. Freedom du Lac is putting his keyboard away for a while for paternity leave before shifting to a "special-ops enterprise reporting team." He has saved me the trouble of compiling his greatest hits by doing it himself today, and it's worth your time.

As long as we're on blogger/journalist anniversaries, it's worth acknowledging that the irascible Mickey Kaus just marked his tenth anniversary as a blogger, and he too compiles some of his highs, lows and rich creamy middles. I think of Kaus as being among the first political bloggers -- cranky, obsessive about certain topics (welfare reform, cars, John Edwards' fidelity, telling Democrats not to be liberal), and often a better compiler of links than an analyst thereof. I don't read Kausfiles regularly because I think he's right -- to the contrary, it's because he's often wrong in consistent ways that I still find interesting and provocative, ten years down the road.

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