Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DON'T LEAVE THIS MORTAL WORLD WITHOUT IT; OR DUSK FALLS OVER THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO; OR BANG THE GONG ONE LAST TIME, BRETT: Two shocking bits of news for you. First, as of yesterday, Karl Malden was not dead. Second, as of today, Karl Malden is dead. Premorse! (tm The Pathetic Earthling.) To my generation at least, he was known as (a) the famous butt of "Karl Malden's nose" jokes by comedians of a prior generation; (b) the namesake of the Veal Karl Malden (veal in white wine sauce with capers) at legendary Hollywood eatery Dan Tana's; (c) the don't leave home without it guy; and (d) the bioentity from which was made the five clones of Karl Malden who convene annually in the Hollywood Star Chamber to choose the winners of the Oscars.

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