Saturday, July 4, 2009

GOT! TO! HAVE! A! CEL! A! BRA! TION! Happy Independence Day, everyone. I'm not going to try to top Isaac's rewrite of the Declaration from last year, nor do I have time -- there are sauces which need preparing for the mussels which Jen and Lucy are currently harvesting down Route Six (sausage/fennel/cream and fra diavolo, if you were wondering), and a large piece of meat in imminent need of grilling.

Today we think of all that makes America great -- baseball, Ray Charles, the First Amendment and the ice cream sundae (among many other things), but first among them are our dedicated soldiers who remain in harm's way. A good friend of many of us here, Major Evan Wollen, is in Iraq right now and for once hoping not to see any fireworks today. We honor his service today and every day, and look forward to his speedy and safe return.

Open thread.

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