Thursday, July 2, 2009

ROMEO AND JULIET IS REDUNDANT WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THE STAR-CROSSED LOVE BETWEEN AN ALIEN AND THE LAST MAN ON EARTH: I think I'm still on SYTYCD duty with KCos out of commission, returning this week. If I'm wrong, expect this recap to disappear shortly, like the dowdy dress Karla was wearing.

Very strong night tonight, and a night when the bottom three, whoever they turn out to be, probably would have been in the middle or upper tier the last two weeks. Since I can't really separate them into three tiers, I'll do the highlights: Kayla's control over her legs, as usual, but also her tight synchronization with a revitalized Kupono. Sonya Tayeh, marrying her usual eccentricities with some surprisingly conventional, and beautiful, lines. Melissa doing her thing. Caitlin's game energy in a routine that was really weird even for this show. Ade's two-second intro thing, and maybe also his pas de deux even though he was outclassed by his partner, but especially the lift he did where Melissa looked like she was skateboarding (Juliet was the right age for shredding, right?). The teenager behind Jean-Marc with the giant fur hat. The magic with Karla's dress. Cat's dress in HD, which turned my whole TV room pink during closeups. God, I love HD.

If I had to pick my own bottom three, I think it would be Phillip and Jeanine's chain dance (because I never like Napoleon and Tabitha -- too cheeseball for hip hop), Brandon and Janette's cha cha cha (I think I just don't get the fast ballroom stuff at all) and Evan and Randi's Broadway routine (because it was so low-energy for a pair that depends upon high energy). I think, though, that Karla/Vitolio and Caitlin/Jason are far more likely to end up in the bottom three than the first two pairs I picked. Actually, I would be okay with my prediction last week that Karla and Vitolio would go home. I'll regret that Karla never got to strut her stuff with a good partner, but Vitolio is so weird that he makes me uncomfortable.

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