Tuesday, July 7, 2009

600 CHANNELS, AND MAYBE NOW SOMETHING ON: At least for those of us not terribly interested in determining who thinks they can dance, this summer has been low-quality on the TV front, aside from ABC's Saturday Summer Burn-Off (ah, Eli Stone, how I missed thee!) and USA's Thursdays (Royal Pains! It's like Burn Notice, except with a doctor in the Hamptons!). Tonight, though, three premieres of potential interest:
  • Warehouse 13, the new SyFy flagship to go along with the new name, which I'd watch just because it's co-created by Jane Espenson, who, in addition to having writen for every Whedon show, has also written for BSG, Gilmore Girls, and even an episode of The O.C. I'll give the woman who created the epithet "Cap'n Tightpants" a shot, especially since Our Friend Alan calls the show "very promising."
  • Great American Road Trip, a BBC production that NBC will air, which looks like a TAR: Family Edition knockoff, coupled with a kitschy Americana travelogue. Yes, that might well have been the worst season of TAR, but bad TAR is better than reruns, right?
  • 10 Things I Hate About You, a new ABC Family series based on the superior teen film. Admittedly, only one member of the original film cast (Larry Miller) is returning for the series, with the others having either aged out of their parts (all the teen characters) or gotten too famous to reprise them (Allison Janney). Still, the original movie was among the best of that period of the teen comedies, so they're working from something.

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