Friday, July 10, 2009

IN WHICH THE SHAMING FUNCTION IS DEPLOYED BY NIGEL LYTHGOE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION: And so we've got ourselves a top ten! (Not that it matters, given that the top ten has functionally become a top twelve.) One big surprise in the bottom three couples, obviously, although those two should be glad it happened, because that solo showed us just how much of a frontrunner one of the guys might be.

As we were told repeatedly last night, the power now shifts to the people. A lot will depend on how the random new pairings go -- as we saw last year with Twitch and Kherington, leaving that comfort zone behind can be hazardous to one's health. Here are my suggestions for how the Sorting Hat should proceed.

Melissa and Kupono: Kupono has a litheness that hasn't been played to full advantage terribly often. Melissa's long lines could elicit something special from him, and Kupono's quirkiness may marry well with Melissa's grace.

Kayla and Ade: I am sold on Ade's greatness, which I never was when he was partnered with Melissa. And I am only somewhat sold on Kayla's, although I remain awed by her work in the addiction routine. So go forth together and bring us some greatness.

Janette and Jason: She's been on a tear lately, but tends toward the cartoonish. He's talented, but could use some more emotion. Maybe together they can form one appropriately demeanored couple.

Jeanine and Evan: I don't know how tall Jeanine is vis-à-vis Evan, but she presents somewhat small, which may make Evan's graduation from Randi somewhat less traumatic. And they each have an actorly dramatic side, which could make for a strong coupling. Regardless of who Evan gets this week, he's got to find a deeper emotional base.

Philip and Caitlin: Opposites attract, right? She's petite and graceful while he's hangdog and dorky, but they're each rubbery in their own way and might bring out something special in each other.

Randi and Brandon: This one is a little bit of a "who's left?" rather than an affirmative inspiration. I worry a bit that putting two chirpy people together might be too noisy. But Randi is the opposite of Janette's high dramatic style, and might give Brandon a chance to take the lead and shine a bit. And Brandon could give Randi a bit of inspirational heft.

And lastly, combining two of our recent obsessions, here's Wade Robson's 2003 tribute to his boyhood friend Michael Jackson. (Wade's only 25, with a not-exactly-mainstream childhood . . . I wonder if he's got potential to develop into Jacko-level oddity.)

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