Thursday, July 9, 2009

NAILED: That frequent ALOTT5MA bête noire Lenny Dykstra now claims less than $50,000 in assets compared to $20-50MM in debt in his bankruptcy petition is not the interesting part -- no, it's the delusional open letter to his fans that compelled me to post again:
Although I am saddened and a bit embarrassed that I had no choice but to resort to this action, at least I am in good company. . . .

Two of our greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson (filed several times) and Abraham Lincoln, were able to restructure their lives through bankruptcy and went on to do great things such as helping to establish the University of Virginia and abolishing slavery.

Ulysses S. Grant went bankrupt after leaving office when a partner in an investment-banking venture swindled him. (I can certainly identify with this one.)

William McKinley filed for protection while serving as Ohio's governor in 1893 ...

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