Tuesday, June 10, 2003

AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY: My friend Jon Drumwright has this to say on The Matrix: Reloaded:
On the one hand, it was too much like a two-hour version of the best and most expensive episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers ever filmed. On the other hand and at other times it was altogether too much like a terrible pomo knock-off of My Dinner With Andre and/or Under The Cherry Moon. If you can, you should forgive it because (1) it was a sequel which could hardly be as revolutionary and appealing as the original film whose concepts created its world and rules; (2) it was the imperfect middle child in a development triptych, designed more to set up the last episode than live up to the first; and (3) because, under those circumstances, directors and production folks can be forgiven for not appreciating the diminishing returns on beating the hell out of tricks that wowed audiences the first time around. Besides, I bet a lot of this one looks better after you've seen the last one than it does now, with nothing to compare it to but your awestruck response to the first one.

Yeah, but the French dude has no justification.

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