Tuesday, April 19, 2005

THE FRIENDLY STRANGER IN THE BLACK SEDAN: American Idol open thread. I'd put Anwar, Constantine and Vonzell up top, and, once again, Scott must go.

This week really is push or shove for what's left of Adam's early March predictions:

As of now, I do think we're looking at the reverse of last year, and we'll have a final six with five men and just one woman -- Nadia Turner -- unless Mikalah Gordon figures out where she left her personality or Bo Bice joins an ashram. Lord knows, I'm looking forward to his take on Neil Sedaka night or, God forbid, the return of Gloria Estefan night.

One prediction I feel comfortable making: some night in mid-April, Anthony Federov will deserve to be eliminated, but Vonzell Solomon will go home instead. Book it.

America, what did you think?

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