Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I THOUGHT WILLIAM KATT WAS A SHOO-IN: AOL and the Discovery Channel have unveiled their list of 100 nominees for the Gratist American Evir, with the winner to be determined this June after a series of tv episodes featuring debates and audience voting.

Most of the nominees won't surprise you -- former Presidents, Founding Fathers, noted inventors, activists, etc. But Brett Favre? Ellen DeGeneres? George Lucas?

And you know he's my boy, but Barack Obama? Not quite yet. First of all, let's wait until they repeal the 22nd Amendment so he can complete The Great American Restoration in his last three terms as President, and, secondly, I can't find his theme song online anymore.

Who's missing from this list? While it's nice to see John Edwards, wouldn't Jonathan Edwards be more appropriate? And Dr. Phil isn't even America's greatest McGraw.

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