Saturday, April 23, 2005

THE STUPID BUTTON: Via our old friend Cosmo Macero Jr. of the Boston Herald (bugmenot) comes word that actual office workers hate that thing from The Apprentice this week:
[A] preview model dismayed Boston office workers who got to try the gadget yesterday.

They conjured up synonyms for words like "huge'' and "ugly'' to describe the multi-compartment organizer - about the size of a small television.

"We don't have any desk space that is big enough to accommodate this,'' said John Welby at Prime Mortgage Financial.

Stephen Walker found the item aesthetically upsetting as it sat on the counter of South End Photo.

"I think it's kind of ugly, kind of cheesy,'' Walker said. "I would pass right by (it) if I was walking through Staples.''

Gosh. Leviathan is sold out, though the eBay market is getting started.

I actually stopped watching this season after the first 1-2. It just feels so fake, and Trump Being Trump isn't fun for me after season one -- compare it to Probst or Keoghan or Banks, who evolve and grow more demanding/snarky from year to year.

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