Tuesday, April 19, 2005

IT'S TOUGH ORGANIZIN' INDIAN LABOR: Boston Rahb meets Thomas L. Friedman, Kelly's butt meets a camel's vibrations, we learn that gay men are everywhere and Gretchen never found an elephant she didn't want to ride, and, most of all, Joyce proves indisputably that Bald Is Beautiful on this leg of The Amazing Race.

(Are Meredith and Gretchen really older than Terri and Ian? Maybe, but they're also more annoying, and I f'n hated Ian because of how nasty he was to his wife. But Gretchen . . . it's not that she's unkind -- she's just like hearing chalk against blackboard, over and over.)

I loved how our last-place team again prepared for a non-elimination leg, and hated that all that separated them from their standing was a random error. Disappointingly, there didn't seem to be anything that any non-FF team could have done in this leg in terms of Detour or Roadblock skills to really improve their standing. (Still, this basic Race rule: if you see that all the teams are doing one Detour choice, switch to the other -- it's your best chance of passing them.)

Next week, we learn about a whole new way to end your military service. Yee-haw!

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