Sunday, April 17, 2005

I WANTED OUR FIRST DANCE TO BE TO "99 PROBLEMS:" As the resident unmarried guy around here, I'm glad to know that the New York Times has told me that now men have something to look forward to in wedding planning--the wedding mix CD. Some are big fans of the idea, like Reginald Hudlin, who claims his CD was "the most impressive one I've heard." (Hudlin also claims that the last movie he directed was good, so that should, perhaps be taken with a grain of salt.) Others are less enthusiastic, with one guy observing that "So often the bride and groom want everyone to identify with the love they share, and they think they can do it with music, but it's like, who cares that 'In Your Eyes' is their song?" Perhaps saddest of all is Toure, who couldn't use Jay-Z on his wedding CD not because his bride disapproved, but because "Grandma wouldn't want to listen." If a CD just won't do, you can always opt for the $800 a pop iPod mini, decorated "with Swarovski crystals (pink is the most popular color), including a couple's initials or the date of the wedding" and loaded with the couple's favorite songs. Yes, Sunday Styles, where just about anything is improved with a few hundred dollars worth of crystals.

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