Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2007 ALOTT5MA SPELLING BEE POOL: With Round 4 now complete and 59 spellers remaining, it's time to open up our pool for this year's Bee.

As with last year, the rules are simple: Select two spellers, only one of whom can be from among the four rock stars for whom this is at least a fourth attempt at glory -- Samir Patel (247), Tia Thomas (12), Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan (45) or Matthew Evans (161). You will get one point for each word your spellers correctly spell during tomorrow's rounds of the Bee, which resumes at 10am on ESPN. Most points wins; tiebreaker will be whoever has the individual speller going the furthest.

While individual spellers can be used more than once, you cannot repeat the same pairing that someone else has already submitted. First come, first served, and the pool will close by noon tomorrow, and possibly sooner.

Because of privacy concerns, the Bee again isn’t providing biographical info on the competitors this year until we reach the prime-time finalists, so Google wisely.

As always, your sole prizes are Internet fame and glory forever (or at least as long as this site’s archives remain available), joining Elicia Chamberlin, last year's winner, who admittedly had some inside knowledge. Good luck to all.

It's my blog, so I go first: I'm taking Jonathan Horton and Kavya Shivashankar, going on the "pick people who went far last year" theory, but if it happens to be Samir Patel's year, well ....

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