Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SAY I'M THE ONLY BEE IN YOUR BONNET: According to a friend who works across the street from the Bee, "the contest has drawn a good sized crowd of protesters who are demanding an increase in the number of words that are spelled phonetically. I kid you not." I suspect it's these folks.

Second, I just thought of another pool topic, one that's really suited towards some of the Bee veterans who've joined us this week: predict a word that you believe will be used in one of the later rounds tomorrow. The later, the better.

Finally, since we have attracted a number of former Bee finalists and/or parents, if you don't mind, feel free to tell us what it's like -- the preparation, the competition, the kiss-and-cry room, this year-round "speller nation" of Bee competitors that seems to have flourished -- whatever stories you feel like telling. We're all here this week because we love this stuff, and we'd be honored by anything you feel like sharing.

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