Thursday, May 31, 2007

SAMIR CONTROVERSY!: He’s questioned the pronunciations of the word “clevis”. The judges are conferring. So now what?

They are going over the replay. They are discussing and examining the dictionary. They are questioning the integrity of Jacques Bailly's pronunciation skills.

Oooh, this is bad. Because if Samir comes back, there's a cloud. If he doesn't, Icky. Plus, I don't like anyone messing with my Jacques.


12:53 pm: I am loving Joseph Henares who, when told that schiavone meant a two-edged basket–hilted sword said, “COOL.”

I can’t help but feel this is an exciting Bee. I mean, Samir drama? All we need is a fainter for this to be the best Bee ever.

And yet, I have every confidence that O’Dorney is taking this whole thing. I need to believe that he will win. He’s just so good.

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