Thursday, May 31, 2007

AND OVER ON ESPNEWS: 1:07 pm: I haven’t said a word this year about the Jamaican presence. The Jamaican spellers are, like always, very serious. VERY. They spell with an intensity and a strange lack of animation. They came to win, they came to spell. They, apparently, did not come to be crowd-cute or charismatic. I like the way Regina Bish questions Jacques Bailly numerous times and then very quietly says “Thank you, Dr. Bailly.” But she’s now gone too.

Gossip about the Samir thing abounds but there has been no official statement. I’m going to ignore it until there’s some actual news. Or until I have some gossip of my own…

1:11 pm: Izaak Baker goes out on “makimono”. Shame. He was charming.

1:15 pm: Connor Spencer is whispering into his number placard at the little man he keeps there again. I have to say, I’m starting to love him and his exuberance. He’s enjoying the Bee and spells like every letter is the most exciting letter ever. He’s a true Bee-fan. Plus, his family is as excited as he is.

1:19 pm: Pretty Girl Caroline Rouse has been ousted with “cyclazocine”. Go home to your gorgeous face and happy life and leave the rest of us alone!!! Okay, sorry. Too intense. But come on…you are not allowed to have EVERYTHING in life, are you?

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