Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NOT NOW, I HAVE C-E-P-H-A-L-A-L-G-I-A: Scattered among some of the traditional titles like Casablanca and Say Anything on Nerve's list of the 50 Best Date Movies are some offbeat selections such as Star Wars, The Jerk and The Triplets of Belleville. But perhaps the most unusual selection--unusual I should say unless you are a dedicated fan of this blog--is No. 40, Spellbound (the documentary, not the Hitchcock classic).

So, folks, what were some of your best/worst date movie memories? My favorite has to be watching Uptown Saturday Night in college with nothing for nourishment but a bag of Oreos and a cold bottle of Jagermeister. The worst had to be seeing the Cape Fear remake in a cavernous, run-down theater with three other people in the audience.

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