Thursday, May 31, 2007

OUI, MADEMOISELLE: Round 5 is underway, and looks like "Parlez-vous francais?" is the question of the day. Words have included:
  • dif-i-seel ("hard to deal with, satisfy, or please")
  • a-feesh ("a notice posted in a public place, a poster")
  • soo-beez ("a brown or white sauce containing strained or puréed onions and served with meat")

[Kingsley blogged the intro simultaneously, and said this:] And we're back, with four of the first seven spellers already eliminated. This morning will be a bloodbath -- if they're trying to go from 59 kids down to 10-11 for prime time, that means eliminating 48 kids in three hours, or 16 per hour, or one every 3-4 minutes, on words like gahr-DAY, from the French, meaning "to warn someone else in chess that you're about to sack his queen."

Wicked-hard food word just gotten right by Calgary's Cody Wang -- soo-BEEZ, "a white or brown sauce containing onions or onion purée," named for 18th century French nobleman and military leader Charles de Rohan, Prince of [There]. Also, kudos to Ontario's Soohyun Park, who nailed eks-oh-FLAM-ik, which basically means something which looks like Large Marge in that scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

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