Friday, August 8, 2008

DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO! No major surprises in last night's SYTYCD finale in terms of either content or outcome, but that's not really the point. It was fun. Fun to see:
  • Judges dancing! I got a huge kick out of all the other judges falling all over themselves demanding to dance on the show next season.
  • Debbie Allen making fun of Lil C's don't-you-dare-call-me-articulate speaking style.
  • A reprisal of the "Five Guys Named Moe" dance -- which I had kind of forgotten about but which was definitely one of the best routines of the season. (Twitch as "Four-Eyed Moe" makes me giggle every time.) And, of course, the pas de deux sans whatever-the-French-word-is-for-minor-fuckup-on-the-turn.
  • I know that people around here differ as to their views on the Twitch/Katee door dance (which I love), but can we all agree that the Sonja/Mark/Courtney "The Garden" dance is one of the undeniable highlights of this season? For me, that was the moment that solidified the facts that (a) Mark deserved to make it as far as he did and (b) Courtney was more than a Knicks City Dancer.
  • Speaking of Courtney -- does Cat not know the difference between New Jersey and Long Island? I mean, it's a subtle distinction, but still.
  • Total fun to see all the dancers from the prior seasons, but where's Sabra? And what did Nick and Melody do to Nigel such that their names have been erased from the book of life?
  • And even though it was a fait accompli that our final two would be our final two and thus there was no real surprise, it was nice to see a final two (and a final four, and a final six, and so forth) that was so supportive of each others' efforts. And Joshua? A class act, as always.

I will confess that between four hours of SYTYCD and three hours of AI tour this week, I am a little burned out on all things 19E related. And so without further comment, I say toodle-loo to another dance-filled summer -- see ya next year.

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