Friday, August 8, 2008

OH LOOK, THERE'S THAT HARMONY SYMBOL AGAIN. SEE? WE ARE A HARMONIOUS PEOPLE! I've been kind of half-watching the Opening Ceremonies so far tonight (meaning that I had them on with closed-captioning while I was at the gym). My main reaction so far is awe at the fact that thousands of years of Chinese cultural history have come together at this moment to show the world the grandeur of one of those Sharper Image desk gizmos where you push your face into a bed of nails whilst on the other side the pushed nails form the image on your face. I liked when the people underneath the blocky things popped up and waved to the crowd -- look, Ma, no nails!

Now that I am home and preparing to fast-forward up to the fireworks (which, from the photos I saw today, looked to be pretty spectacular) and then the parade of nations, I would like to share with all of you the question I will be asking myself throughout the triumphant entrance of thousands of athletes representing a couple hundred nations into the Birds' Nest: will a single one of these countries have chosen to outfit its female athletes in either a Wonder Woman sans the Wonder cocktail dress or a Mairzy Doats big floppy hat for the grand cavalcade?

edited to add: I'm sorry, did an announcer just say that China has plans to put a man on the moon by 2024? They can make 2007 lime green costumes in a week, but it's going to take them another 16 years to get to the moon?

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