Thursday, August 7, 2008

'SCUSE ME WHILE I FLUB THIS SONG: From time to time, I hear what I will call anomalies in pop songs. Flubbed lyrics, seemingly incorrect notes being played on instruments, and odd noises in the background. This site offers a nice overview of many such anomalies, as does this one. Fans of the Beatles will want to check out this mind-numbingly complete list of errors in songs of the Beatles.

My favorite? During the instrumental break of the song "Wendy" by the Beach Boys, at the 1:19 mark, there is an unmistakable cough in the background. Let's just say that I listened to that song many, many times as a lad.

I'd normally provide links to many of these songs, but it's often very hard to hear many of the errors unless you are listening to a CD either with headphones or with high quality speakers.

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  1. Jim Bell4:25 PM

    On Thomas Dolby's Astronauts and Heretics the song Silk Pyjamas ends with Dolby saying something like "see they love it even if you play it wrong."  I've spent years trying to figure out what he meant, where the mistake is, but I'm baffled.  Maybe that's the joke.  And nobody comment on the fact that I have this album, or whatever we're calling albums now.