Thursday, August 7, 2008

YOU'RE THE BIGGEST BLUBBERER ON THIS SHOW! The highlights of last night's final competitive SYTYCD show are as follows.
  1. The long overdue return of Wade Robson. I was relieved to discover that he hadn't had some sort of falling out with Nigel, but rather was simply trapped in Las Vegas choreographing something or another.
  2. Cat's breezy rapport with all four finalists during the interview segments. (Heidi Klum. Grr.)
  3. Joshua's oh-my-God-does-he-have-springs-in-his-shoes leaps in the air during the Russian dance. (Not to mention the fact that when he and Twitch started trying to prove who could jump higher, I'm pretty sure that Joshua jumped higher than Twitch's head.)
  4. Seeing the total and unmaskable exhaustion on the faces and bodies of the final four when the show wrapped up, a mere five dances-per-person later.

And, well, that's kind of it. Not that the rest of the show wasn't enjoyable -- I liked most of the routines well enough, everyone danced them well, and so forth -- but these weren't best-ofs. The foxtrot wasn't the best foxtrot of the season (choreography or performance), the jive wasn't the best jive of the season, and so forth. (Ok, fine, this was the best Russian trepak we have ever seen on SYTYCD, I'll give them that one.)

Seems to me that this is a contest between the boys -- my money is on Joshua, just for overall versatility and personality. But the only outcome that would genuinely surprise me would be a Courtney win. Katee's the most technically accomplished, and Twitch is, well, Twitch.

A brief plug for tonight's results show: for those who have not watched a SYTYCD finale before, I highly recommend it. Unlike AI finales, which tend to be mostly filler with some results towards the end, the SYTYCD folks usually put on a great show, chock full of every great performance from the entire season. I understand that giving Joshua and Twitch a joint hip-hop routine would have been stacking the deck just a smidge last night, but I'm hoping that maybe they'll sneak something in tonight. (And, for the YDA fans who have been sneaking in and lambasting us lately, let me point out that the Jonas Brothers are apparently performing tonight. ooooh. ahhhh.)

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