Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IT'S AN OLD LADY! IT'S A YOUNG LADY TURNING AWAY! Scientific American will blow your mind with ten of the coolest optical illusions you'll ever see, plus 159 more in the print edition. In particular, number 7, heh.


  1. Carmichael Harold8:39 PM

    I had come across the link earlier today and, re #7, it took until I started actually typing this for me to actually see the dolphins.

  2. The Pathetic Earthling10:55 PM

    Check out this one:

  3. Meghan12:05 PM

    Very cool. I'm very tempted to go buy the magazine. Nice work, y'all--hope you get a kickback.

  4. cagey7:45 PM

    Definitely am buying an issue of this. And yes, my 4.5 year old only saw dolphins. However, he did not understand the evil cackling from my husband and me.

  5. Lurker David12:37 AM

    I cannot bear to show it to my 5.5 year old, in case she DOESN'T see dolphins! That would break my widdle heart.