Monday, May 10, 2010

I THOUGHT THAT'S WHAT THE INTERNET WAS FOR: In these trying economic times, how do premium cable networks stay in business? Porn! (And seriously, isn't True Blood basically Twilight + porn?)


  1. Mrs. Russ sort of did an "oh brother" when Antoinne started his gig in the strip club in Treme.  At least, I think she did.  I was somewhat distracted at the time.

  2. isaac_spaceman8:19 PM

    True Blood is Twilight + ridiculous accents.  At least, I assume, since I've never read or seen Twilight.

  3. calliekl9:13 PM

    isaac- there are some fairly ridiculous accents in Twilight (Edwart's, for example). Having never seen True Blood though, I can't compare the two.

  4. Sue S.2:21 PM

    Twilight and True Blood only have "vampires" in common.

  5. Adam C.5:18 PM

    We're about to wrap up a free three-month "preview" of the HBO and Cinemax packages. I'll offer a conservative estimate, based on what as far as you know is a broad survey of the TiVo schedule interface: softcore constitutes about 65% of all programming between 10pm and 6am on Cinemax channels. The HBO-branded channels barely get their hands dirty with the genre - I'd say maybe 5%-10% of after-10pm programming, and that's including the plentiful re-airings of True Blood.