Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EVERYBODY HURTS (SOMETIMES): And sometimes teams ask athletes to invent injuries for roster management purposes, raising suspicions.


  1. Joseph J. Finn10:30 AM

    You can also look at the NFL, where listing someone as "questionable" has become a fine art.

  2. bad dad10:33 AM

    Screw Jayson Stark. Yeah, I know it's a year old. Screw him anyway.

    While shenanigans sometimes take place, most of the time players are playing through all kinds of major and minor injuries and when those injuries are such that the team finally realizes that the player needs a rest and can no longer help the team in their current condition, BOOM! CONSPIRACY!

    The Tigers handled Willis perfectly. The guy was on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown up there on the mound. They took the pressure off him, told him to take his time, bagged 2009, found him a good sports therapist and now he leads the Tigers' starters in ERA.