Sunday, August 8, 2010

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS: The advent of Pop-Tarts World (replacing the ESPN Zone in Times Square on Tuesday) leads to many questions. Do any of the Pop-Tart related dishes being served there sound appetizing (including the utterly inexplicable "Pop-Tarts Sushi")? What sort of Pop-Tart would you make with the "make your own" capacity they will offer? Do you have a preferred Pop-Tart variety in the standard flavors (and how was I unaware of the seasonal pumpkin and gingerbread Pop-Tarts?)?


  1. Adam C.9:55 PM

    My favorite: Smores, followed by Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Do not like the fruit flavors.

  2. The Pathetic Earthling10:07 PM

    <span>I do like Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Chocolate Fudge.  I think the last time I ate a pop-tart was when, still working for a big firm, I realized I could not deal with the quiet indignity of a SUBWAY sandwich for a 10pm dinner and wandered into a 7-Eleven and bought a pop-tart and a liter of diet coke.  I quit that gig shortly thereafter.</span>

  3. The Pathetic Earthling10:09 PM

    "Instead of bread, use pop-tarts.  If in doubt, rub it against a piece of paper.  If it's clear, that's your window to weight gain!"

  4. J. Bowman10:17 PM

    Frosted: Brown Sugar Cinnamon, un-toasted.
    Unfrosted: Strawberry, toasted.

    As a kid, I would eat the sides around the frosting, then remove the frosted top, and eat the halves separately.
    I occasionally ask Mother why they never tested me for any number of disorders beginning with the letter "A."

  5. J. Bowman10:19 PM

    Also: Can Toaster Strudelburg be far behind?

  6. The Other Kate11:26 PM

    Another vote for brown sugar cinnamon, untoasted. They are an embarrassing, partially hydrogenated weak spot in my sanctimonious whole-food armor. Nutter-Butters too.

  7. Mmm. Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Unfrosted. So unhealthy and yet, so tasty.  

    TPE - Sad to say, but the Strawberry (frosted) Pop-Tarts in the vending machine at my office have been my dinner too many times. 

  8. Anonymous2:12 AM

    I LOVE me some brown sugar cinnamon, but I really love the pop tart for grownups involving marscapone at Southport Grocers here in Chicago.  Now that is what I call some brunch.

  9. calliekl5:57 AM

    PT's were a special honeymoon treat for us when we went to Hawaii... we knew we were having a poptarts vacation before we knew where we were going. :)

    I've been meaning to attempt these (I've had the page bookmarked for ages), but I think I'll wait until I have a larger kitchen with more counter space, right now I can't really roll out the dough properly... but these homemade poptarts sound delicious:

  10. J. Bowman9:00 AM

    Shut the Front Door. These will be made this week.

  11. patricia9:42 AM

    The savory alternatives she suggests sound crazy good.

  12. D&#39;Arcy10:30 AM

    I've seen some good stuff on that Smitten Kitchen site (and I just love the name) but that one... wow. It has been bookmarked. My kids will praise your name, Callie, for pointing me to that recipe. They love pop tarts but I rarely buy them.

    Where were you in Hawaii? My husband and I just went there for our tenth anniversary.

  13. The Other Kate11:17 AM

    Hey! Another big fan of the Smitten Kitchen here. This one's bookmarked for me too.

  14. Yet another reason for me to 1. avoid Times Square and 2. be scared for humanity.

    DC residents who love Pop Tarts- go to Ted's Bulletin on Cap Hill.  You'll thank me later, even if you don't get the Pop Tart.

  15. calliekl5:16 PM

    If you do check this back, we were there in October of last year- right before rainy season. It was fabulous! We'll definitely go back at some point! Where did you go?

  16. D&#39;Arcy7:43 PM

    We were just there, in July, on the Big Island. What an amazing place. I'd love to go to the other islands sometime.