Monday, February 28, 2011

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MR. ELTON JOHN will be hosting and musical-guesting SNL on April 2, his first involvement with the show since 1982. (The only older hosts in recent years: Betty White, Robert DeNiro, John McCain, and Christopher Walken.)

Your hosts for the next two weeks are  Miley Cyrus (y'all) followed by the return of Zach Galifianakis.


  1. Jordan10:00 PM

    This should win for longest time between appearances/hosting/musical guesting, I assume.

  2. Jeff Bridges recently broke Sigourney Weaver's record -- 27 years between hosting gigs.  This would be a bit longer, but John didn't host it the first time.  Prince went 25 years between musical appearances (1981-2006), so this would eclipse that mark.

  3. I'm a big Elton John fan and look forward to seeing him as musical guest, but am worried about him in skits.

    What friends of Reg are likely to cameo? Gaga? NPH? (I read somewhere that their kids had a playdate recently.) Muppets?