Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I JUST THINK IT NEEDED A LITTLE BIT MORE OF AN IMPROVISATIONAL, WE-JUST-DID-IT-THIS-WEEK KIND OF FEELING: New editor Hugo Lindgren talks up more of the changes starting in this week's NYT Magazine. Among those which will delight: instead of Cooking with Dexter (and others), three Mark Bittman columns a month (and one from Sam Sifton).  Also: Nate Silver sneaks in once a month, and, yes, Dr. Lisa Sanders's "Diagnosis" stays.  This may not suck.

added: Just unveiled -- The 6th Floor, the Magazine's new blog.


  1. More Nate Silver is almost always good (though I hope he'll do more non-partisan-political stuff like his long piece for NY Mag about "best NY neighborhoods" and his "was the trade for Carmelo worth it?" piece) and I think Matt Bai is far better in long form than in short form.  (I'll admit that his "The Argument" certainly affected my POTUS primary preferences.)  Still unclear--is the pretty wildly scattershot "Lives" sticking with the back page?

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Two weeks ago, I rode the train with Bittman.  I was reading the magazine at the time. 

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I was kind of horrified by the last Cooking with Dexter column, where the author revealed that it was largely his wife who did all the cooking, with or without Dexter. I mean, it was sweet, the way he honored her, but it was a multi-year column that implied he cooked with his son.

    Really will not miss Deborah Salomon!