Thursday, March 3, 2011

RASPBERRY VERSUS POP POP! Five uses of balloons in video game promotions that are better than THQ's stupid stunt yesterday:
  1. Fill balloons with copies of Call of Juarez and pay people to swallow them and cross the border
  2. Hire a spokesmodel to wear a suit of branded balloons and strip them off by popping them, combining the retro-seductive art of burlesque with America's second-most-popular PTSD trigger
  3. Use them to make farting noises; these farting noises are brought to you by THQ
  4. Hand two balloons to potential customer; when both of customer's hands are occupied, punch him in the face and shout "our prices will knock you out!"
  5. Build a balloon raft and row it into the bay to retrieve balloons from last promotion


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Props for the title.  Pop Pop!

  2. spacewoman3:56 PM

    Props for the post.  I'm digging number 4.