Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE HIS MOUTH: Thank goodness I was reminded, in the midst of watching pieces of Sheen flotsam and jetsam wash up on CNN's shore last night, that No Reservations was back on-air and, indeed, Bourdain in Haiti is well worth your time.

In order to remain one step ahead of the game, I should let you know that Sepinwall (and others) have raved about tonight's arc-closing Good Wife, and tonight on Idol the top 12 guys perform in the semifinals (ladies, tomorrow), with 24 becoming 13 on Thursday, so do enter our fantasy league now.  Song spoilers are available for both XY and XX night and, um, good luck with that one, Opera Girl. (Seriously, there has never been as pressure-filled a week as this on the show, with an almost 50% chance of elimination this early. Top five of each get voted ahead, plus three wild cards.)


  1. Oh, dear lord--from the transcript:

    "MORGAN: Did you ever feel -- I mean, listen, you've talked this week about having benders that would put Keith Richards and Sinatra to shame, which I thought was a pretty spectacular claim, Charlie. I mean that's one hell of a bender. And --

    SHEEN: Yes, thank you. "

    Also, sadly, only one "winning" (at the end, when Sheen exhorts Morgan to "keep winning).

  2. I don't mean to threadjack, but because this is a TV-related thread, I hope no one will mind a question:

    Anyone watching The Chicago Code?  I have the first few episodes on my DVR, and watched the pilot last night.  I'm on the fence about whether to continue.  It seems like it has potential, but I also found the writing a bit clunky and there isn't a character I've really latched on to yet.  Should I give it more of a chance?  Is it a slow-build type of thing, like The Wire?

  3. If I've never seen an episode of The Good Wife, is it worth jumping in, or do I need to start at the top?

    And is anyone watching Harry's Law? Any good? The ads feel more fun-David-Kelley than annoying-David-Kelley, but I don't know how representative they are.

  4. Heather K10:05 AM

    This was not about tonight's TV, but last night I watched TAR that was broadcast against the Oscars, and I am now SQUARELY in Team Aspie/Zev and Justin camp because Zev is both totally hilarious and totally awesome!!  Seriously I may have affection for other teams (Mel and Mike, the sweet but dim cowboys who oh my gravy have no chance in a race with smart people, the globetrotters, margie) but they managed to so totally win me over (even over the handicap that Justin looks EERILY like an ex I treated badly and thus Justin makes me feel bad about being a jerk) that I want everyone EVERYONE to go watch that episdoe right now!  Just for Zev and Justin.  I mean there may be other reasons that episode was not great, but they are great.

    Rambling over.

  5. You don't need to start at the very top; it's not The Wire. You may as well start tonight and hope you catch up soon.<span> </span>

  6. Genevieve10:30 AM

    Must agree re Zev/Justin!!  And I must recommend a YA book, Mindblind, involving an Aspie teenager who wants to be the first Aspie to win TAR (that's just a subplot, though, but it leads to a fabulous Appendix).  Though whoa, I had no idea the cowboys were quite so dim.  I have been firmly in the camp of the cowboys and Globies, but didn't realize their difficulty with puzzles would extend to such a simple one.  I'm thinking Cord must've had a mental block and just kept spinning his wheels.

  7. It doesn't get worse, but it doesn't get better - last night's episode might have had a turning point, I'm waiting to see what happens next week. 

  8. I gave up on Chicago Code after episode 2--clearly well made, but just not for me.  I like my cop shows with a little more humor/banter in the mix, and this is some seriously dour stuff.

  9. Harry's Law isn't terribly good, but if you liked Boston Legal, you'll like it, and Bates is doing everything she can to sell the material she's been given.  That said, I've kind of liked most things Kelley has done (I watched both episodes of "girls club" and all five epsides of "Wedding Bells," for instance).

  10. Just from the pilot, I agree about the dour tone.  I also thought the lead detective character was a little cliched.  Of course he's divorced, of course he's a lone wolf who plays by his own rules, of course he's got the softer side you don't expect (taking his orphaned niece under his wing), of course he evaluates potential partners on whether they root for the Sox or Cubs.  I assume his secret drinking problem is right around the corner, along with the scene where his boss demands his badge and his gun because he ruined the buffett at the Harrow Club.

  11. Despite a minimum of actual racing drama and the inability of some teams to read the clue, we've had two generally well-designed legs which have required the teams to use their brains and not be purely first-in-first-out structure throughout the legs.

    And that description made me throw Mindblind into the Amazon order I placed today (also including TAR season 2, Criteron Broadcast News, the new Jodi Picoult, the book on Watson, and, for reasons I don't entirely understand myself, Rushfield's Idol book).

  12. sconstant11:35 AM


    I am boycotting any news outlet who keeps giving this guy a forum.  Which, I guess, means I am watching CBS exclusively from now on...

  13. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Heather, I'm with you on all of your people except for Margie.  I find her to be terribly rude, especially when demanding a clue.  Granted, I know time is of the essence, but she thrusts out her hand and barks.  Luckily, I'm perfect, so I can critique like this...

  14. Heather K12:32 PM

    I am liking it so far.  I like my cop shows both light fluffy and like an endless loop of the same and with a little stuff to them.

    And c'mon here in Chicago the Sox Cubs thing is a for real deal.  And says a lot about where you were raised.

  15. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but I'm sticking with Chicago Code. There's a lot of potential there, and I could watch Lindo chew scenery all day long. I'm particularly enjoying Beals and the kid from FNL as the partner.

    And, of course, it's fun seeing all the places they film in Chicago.

  16. Marsha12:59 PM

    That was me, of course - no clue why my name didn't publish.

  17. Marsha1:02 PM


    I now must go visit this town they were in. Element street names!!!!

    And yay for Kent, who actually knew what they were. I'll be rooting for them for a while just off that.

  18. Adam C.3:05 PM

    Yes on the general love for this episode, and for Justin and Zev. Really, all they have to do is make sure their passports are securely strapped to their persons, and they should hang around a long time.

  19. Tosy and Cosh3:20 PM

    I am quite liking The Chicago Code so far, if not outright loving. Reminds me of where I was with Boardwalk Empire - liked it, but wasn't sucked in until Episode 4. Last night's was a good ep, with more for Lindo to do, and do very well. Am working through S1 of Justified so far, and wonder if this will follow a simialr pattern - the stand-alone cases will disperse by the midpoint, wit the back-end all about the main plot.

  20. Jim Bell3:39 PM

    And I, dear s, am watching any news outlet that has him on.  This guy is entertainment.  I feel bad, cause I usually agree with you...  I hope we have dinner soon

  21. Heather K4:26 PM

    I thought of you Marsha when they got the periodic table!

  22. Adlai9:54 PM

    I don't know if anyone else is watching Shameless, but Sunday's episode featured the worst fake University of Chicago location ever. It's like the set people went online, saw a picture of the Gleacher Center, and tried to replicate that in Canada. 

  23. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I entered Alan's AI fantasy league, loved last nights episode of The Good Wife, TAR: thumbs up for Kent/ Vyxin and thumbs down for Margie and son, have Bourdain in Haiti waiting on Tivo, and am watching The Chicago Code.

    I love this blog.  Sometimes I feel like you write it just for me!