Monday, May 14, 2012

AND, OF COURSE, 90 MINUTES OF SETH MACFARLANE SHOWS:  Because Fox is in decent shape ratings-wise and because it constantly reshuffles its schedule due to the combination of baseball in the Fall and Idol in the Spring, its schedule isn't as new-program heavy as NBC, but a few notes:
  • To replace House, we have The Mob Doctor on Mondays (paired with Bones), about a doctor (Jordana Spiro) who works for the Chicago Mob.  An interesting cast--Spiro, Željko Ivanek, Matt Saracen, William Forsythe--even if I'm not sold on the premise.
  • Tuesday becomes a two-hour comedy block, with the Mindy Kaling show (unsurprisingly) pairing with New Girl, and Ben and Kate (a comedy with Oscar-winner Nat Faxon and the cute girl from We Bought A Zoo) paired with Raising Hope.
  • The big surprise is Glee, which gets moved to Thursdays at 9 out of X Factor, which will make it very easy for me to quit it (Parks and Rec and Grey's are certainly higher priorities, and the CW is likely going to try to launch something big out of Vampire Diaries).
  • In part because Idol gives them a launchpad, Fox is holding two big promising shows for midseason--Goodwin Games, about a mismatched bunch of siblings who must complete "tasks" laid out for them by their late father in a video will to get a fortune, and Kevin Williamson/Kevin Bacon serial killer thriller The Following.

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