Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DANCING WITH THE RATINGS: Even though ABC has a bunch of potent weapons (Dancing With The Stars, Modern Family), they had a bunch of holes to plug in their schedule this fall, and a few interesting moves:
  • They're pairing the very compatible Happy Endings and Don't Trust The B as an edgy comedy block, but putting it at 9 Tuesday, which runs them up against New Girl/Mindy and NCIS: Los Angeles, which isn't exactly the easiest competition.  They serve as a lead-in into Private Practice, which gets to see if it can find a solid footing away from Grey's.
  • Comedy The Neighbors gets the plum post-Modern Family slot despite a silly premise (normal family moves into a gated community and discovers their neighbors are all aliens), leading into the soapy Nashville at 10, with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as feuding country singers.  (Mrs. Coach, coupled with uninteresting other options Wednesday at 10, means this'll get at least a few episodes from me.)
  • In the continuing quest to find something that works to lead off Thursday nights, ABC is going with Last Resort, a starry drama (Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, Autumn Reeser, Dichen Lachman) about a rogue nuclear sub, which seems to be almost the least compatible thing I can imagine with Grey's and Scandal.
  • Sunday gets retooled, with the much-buzzed, but kind of ratings-challenged Revenge inheriting the Housewives slot, leading into 666 Park Avenue, about a haunted apartment building in NYC.


  1. You buried the lede: FULL YEAR OF SHARK TANK.

  2. I read the book 666 Park Avenue - I wonder if the show will be more similar in tone to the cover (sparkly, "chick-lit-y") or the actual novel (almost scary, kinda dark, Gothic-in-a-non-camp-way)

  3. Interesting to see Happy Endings and Don't Trust The B opposite New Girl and Mindy, since it seems those shows appeal to pretty much the same audience. And it's certainly odd to see an Andre Braugher/Shawn Ryan drama at the 8 p.m. hour. I don't think it's the compatibility issue with Grey's Anatomy that concerns me as much as the time slot.

  4. Duvall12:58 PM

    ABC, FOX and NBC all putting young-skewing comedies into the Tuesday 9/9:30 timeslot really opens things up for CBS to have success by running just about anything else in that spot.

  5. CBS is likely to continue to run NCIS: LA there, though there was some suggestion that they might move NCIS: LA to 10 and launch something in an NCIS hammock, most likely the Dennis Quaid/Michael Chiklis Vegas in the 60s drama, which is CBS's obligatory "kind of off-brand, but we want to take a swing" show for this year (see past ones like Joan of Arcadia, Viva Laughlin, and Chaos).

  6. Nigel from Cameroon4:35 PM

    Good grief, couple this batch of news shows with NBC's and you have...nothing worth watching.

  7. Did I hear correctly that ABC canceled Cougar Town but TBS picked it up for fall? I have my fingers crossed on this one...

    Regarding Last Resort, nothing about this show intrigues me except... Scott Speedman. Can't they just show Felicity reruns instead?

  8. Mother Mary7:46 PM

    Just learned today that the son of one of the many volunteer leaders I work with is signed a regular for The Neighbors. Guess I'll have to at least give it a try.