Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WE...WENT...FISHING: Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, does this look a man who's had "all he could eat"?


  1. Christy in Philly2:43 PM

    My grandfather and his brother went to an all-you-can-eat pick and peel shrimp place once. The restaurant refunded their money before asking them to leave.

  2. Jim Bell4:05 PM

    Poor Bill.  He was the victim of false advertising.  I hate it when that happens.  I've never actually been asked to leave a buffet or all you can eat restaurant, but I could tell by the looks that they were thinking about it.  A good eater is just a risk you have to account for if you want to make this offer to the public.  Those members of my family who have been asked to leave all you can eat restaurants, my father, three of my cousins, and probably some others I'm not thinking of, all seemed to think it was funny, but hidden in that funny is a little bit of embarassment I think.  Gluttony is not viewed in America as the positive that it should be.

  3. Jim Bell4:06 PM

    I mean, if you can run really far, people think that's cool.

  4. J. Bowman7:15 PM

    My college track coach ran the Marine Corps marathon when he was just out of college. He finished fifth. Every year, we had a couple of distance guys who quit the team in the spring to run the Boston Marathon (they quit because if he found out they were even planning to run, he'd throw them off the team). The kindest thing the coach ever said about casual marathon runners was, "you should never try to run a marathon unless you think you have a chance to win it."

    I have no idea how much fish he could eat.

  5. Jim Bell7:43 PM

    Right.  If you can't eat 12 pieces of fish, demand more, leave with eight pieces and still feel you had something left in you, you shouldn't be at the all you can eat fish fry in the first place.  Room for hush puppies, some fries with that...

  6. caveat vendor

  7. Adam C.11:41 PM

    <span>Yep. This is why all-you-can-eat sushi promotions come with a long list of rules. (It is also why restaurants with all-you-can-eat sushi promotions and a long list of rules should think ahead before placing potted plants near the dining tables.)</span>