Sunday, November 4, 2012

A DENIAL, A DENIAL:  Courtney Love is contradicting reports that there will be a Broadway musical about Nirvana, and says she wasn't happy with the use of the band's music in The Muppets, either: "What the fuck's with the Muppets? I happen to like Elmo and I think the Cookie Monster is interesting but I know him [Kurt] and I know he didn't want to be a Muppet. It was a disgrace. Like pissing on a grave."


  1. Joseph Finn9:29 AM

    Rather than get all negative this Sunday morning, let's all just enjoy the best uses of Nirvana music.

    Weird Al version:

    Polyphonic Spree version:

  2. While I am on the side of "Nevermind is a document for the ages," I agree with the spirit in the presentation of the above clips (one of which happened when he was very much alive, and which he was totally flattered by). Cobain didn't take himself nearly as seriously as Love does. More to that point, the Muppets didn't parody him, they paid tribute.

    On an unrelated note, I just defended Courtney Love in a surreal bar conversation the other night with a douchey high-end chiropractor who was offended that she didn't want to be his friend: "Um, you know that she's in an endless spiraling cycle of self-abuse, guilt, and mourning, right? She's a widow with a dwindled relationship with her only child, and you kind of have to throw that into the mix when you judge her for not wanting to hook up.". So maybe I should listen to my own advice and shut up about it....

    I think she doesn't get the Muppets. I think that's where I end up.

  3. Joseph Finn2:16 PM

    I do love the stories that the Nirvana guys would watch Smells Like Nirvana anytime it was on MTv and laugh their heads off in enjoyment.

    And I'm totally with you when it comes to Love and trying to have some perspective on her.

  4. Meh. For someone who quite possibly arranged her husband's "suicide," she sure has a lot to say.

  5. isaac_spaceman10:55 AM

    Courtney love is a horrible person and she invites much of what is written about her. But the fabrication that she killed Kurt Cobain or had something to do with his death (other than as an enabler of his drug addiction) is as extraordinarily cruel as it is persistent, and I wish that people would just let that one fade away.

  6. I told my assistant that I can never decide whether I love or hate Courtney Love. She said, "I don't think I know who that is." I told her it was Curt Cobain of Nirvana's muse. Still blank. I'm so freaking old.