Friday, November 9, 2012

ZOMBIEDELPHIA:  Doesn't much matter that they filmed it in Glasgow instead of here, because the first trailer for World War Z looks pretty sweet.


  1. It looks like a fine Zombie Apocalypse movie, but has little or nothing to do with the book.

  2. Matt Brown10:35 AM

    So, from the opening scenes of the trailer, it seems like it's a surprise to everyone in NY that there is about to be a huge military battle against zombies there?

    You would think something like this - a large horde of zombies on the march towards a major city - would not be a surprise. It's not like a major war against zombies breaks out overnight and no one has any idea the next morning.

    Although maybe the zombies being super-fast-cheetahs in this adaptation explains all of that.

  3. isaac_spaceman10:52 AM

    I was going to say the same thing. It's going to rival Wag the Dog and surpass Witches of Eastwick in nothinglikethebookishness. I really thought they'd film it more modified-vignette style, like Contagion. Two other thoughts:

    1. I still hope Michael Stipe makes a cameo

    2. I guess now I know whether Brad Pitt's jump to the helicopter will be successful

  4. isaac_spaceman10:56 AM

    Not all zombies are George Romero/Walking Dead-type slow walkers. They were pretty spry in 28 Days, for example. From a physics standpoint, I suppose you'd say that their speed has to slow as their bodies decay, since running places increased load on their limbs. You could get around this if the zombification also affected their skeleton and musculature (like it affects their brains), though you would expect that process not to be instantaneous.

  5. Adam B.11:10 AM

    Doesn't Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief" still win that title?

  6. Looks incredibly awful, both as an adaptation and as a zombie movie.

    (And there's a moment in the trailer where the cop is taken out by a garbage truck THAT COMES OUT OF NOWHERE IN STOPPED TRAFFIC where I just started laughing in derision. Yep, this was made by people who leave that sort of crap in just because it looks good.)

  7. I'd say Forrest Gump should win that category.

  8. There are no zombies in 28 Days Later, Those are living humans infected with a rage virus.

  9. isaac_spaceman4:13 PM

    A rose by any other name would smell as braaaaaaaains

  10. Lou W4:39 PM

    I seriously could not identify one thing in that trailer that had anything to do with the book. Nothing. I'm very disappointed. The bad guys act a lot more like humanoid ants than zombies. Hell, it's more of a version of Leiningen Vs. the Ants than the haunting and thoughtful World War Z.

    Damn, Leiningen Versus the Zombies. That's not half bad, is it? Almost writes itself.

  11. The Pathetic Earthling4:52 PM

    I like the snippet of them hauling the Declaration of Independence away, but the display case over at the National Archives drops into a vault at the end of the day. And if the producers have somehow been made aware that the vault we have in Washington DC isn't good enough to face a zombie onslaught, I'm going to want some answers.