Friday, November 9, 2012

DOES THIS TEMPT THE WRATH OF THE WHATEVER FROM HIGH ATOP THE THING? For all the problems The Newsroom had, the quality of the people they get to be in the cast isn't one of them--heck, even Olivia Munn wound up acquitting herself fairly well.  Looks like that tradition will continue in season 2, with Rosemarie DeWitt and Patton Oswalt both agreeing to appear in recurring capacities.  (Oswalt will also apparently recur on the next season of Justified.)


  1. Watts4:38 PM

    I lurve Rosemarie DeWitt. I hadn't planned on watching Season 2, but maybe now...

  2. "I'll take Good Actors Wasted On A Bad Show for $200, Alex."

  3. Adam C.8:00 AM

    And I'll take Make a Great Show Even Better By Hiring Patton Oswalt for $1000, Alex. PO on Justified seems almost unfair to other shows.