Saturday, November 10, 2012

FROM SNIGLETS TO THE JUDY DOLL:  In honor of HBO's fortieth anniversary this week, Splitsider's Bradford Evans attempts to rank the top 16 comedies in the cable network's history.  No love for 1st & Ten, sadly.  (Also, definitionally, shouldn't Tanner '88 have been in there?)


  1. Randy9:41 AM

    Also "The Comeback". My issue with the list is that it doesn't differentiate between "Shows produced for HBO" and "Shows that HBO just happened to televise."

    So, I take it "Girls" got less unwatchable after its first two episodes? Should I give it another chance?

  2. Exactly, Randy. I don't think anyone thinks of Kids in the Hall as a HBO show, much less Ali G. (And yeah, The Comeback is a top 5 on this list, easily.)

  3. Adam B.10:18 AM

    Agreed as well. It's like calling It's Garry Shandling's Show a Fox program.

  4. Tanner '88 was submitted as a drama series for the Emmys/ACE awards, and Altman won an Emmy for direction, beating out the Season 2 premiere of Thirtysomething, the pilot of Midnight Caller, and two episodes of L.A. Law.

  5. The tricky thing with Girls is that despite being autobiographical, the lead role played by Dunham is deliberately unlikable. Once you realize that's the case and it's not just a complete failure of Mary Sue-age, it becomes a lot more interesting.

  6. Roger3:52 PM

    Wait, no Arli$$?!