Monday, November 5, 2012

HELLO, RAINBOWS:  The people of Reading, PA, are up in arms because the city's AA-affiliate, known for the past 46 years as the Reading Phillies, will take on a new nickname in 2013 (despite still being affiliated with the major league team).


  1. I'll be very disappointed if the team does not become the Reading Rainbows.

  2. Adam B.9:31 PM

    I guess this is where I have to note that the city's name is pronounced to rhyme with bedding and wedding, not feeding or weeding.

  3. Watts9:35 PM

    The Redding Otises?

  4. Yeah, Christina (whose parents live in Devon) noted the same thing and I shushed her. :)

  5. The Pathetic Earthling10:01 PM

    I was doing a little bit of speculative minor league road trip planning for next summer and was actually surprised to see how many minor league teams still keep the moniker of their major league affiliate. I am, of course, a Giants fan but I probably wear my Modesto Nuts hat more than an other baseball hat. It's silly. It's fun. And I'd never have purchased a Modesto A's hat. I say good on them.*

    * Unless they do something stupid like the Montgomery Biscuits.

  6. The Reading Railroads?

  7. I've always thought it was weird that the Braves AAA team is, first of all, about an hour away from Turner Field and second, also the Braves.

  8. Heather Powell11:09 PM

    Rumor is that it will be the Reading Fightins. I am not amused.

  9. What? That makes no sense. It needs a g or an apostrophe. Won't someone think of the children?

  10. Marsha1:19 AM

    Fairly standard for AAA teams - the Des Moines team is the Iowa Cubs, for example.

    Of course, i agree with TPE - we wear our Lansing Lugnuts hats with pride, and bought quite a lot of gear when we went to see the Clinton (IA) Lumber Kings. With Minor League ball, the more local color, the better.

  11. The Pathetic Earthling9:10 AM

    The Pacific League only has two teams that are still named after their MLB affiliate (Iowa Cubs and Tucson Padres). Lots of good names there: Utah Bees, Reno Aces.

  12. The Lansing Lugnuts do give good hat. Plus they plat at Cooley Law School Field.

  13. Danny Novo12:02 PM

    I still wear my Pawtucket Red Sox (with a P instead of an R) cap with pride. Everyone does a double-take.

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