Tuesday, November 16, 2004

DUDE, YOU LOOK LIKE A SMURF: Oh, it's good to have The Race back. Without giving too much away to our West Coast friends, here's some of the highlights of Episode 6.1:

--All that driving time just meant that there was plenty of time for us to see the teammates interact with each other. Smart thinking.

--I've never hated a reality competitor as much as I hate Entrepeneur Jonathan right now. He and his wife are to TaraWil what TaraWil is to Chip and Kim.

--As amusing as "It's so cold, my implants are frozen!" was to hear, there are no words that stir a Race fan's memories quite like "Do we need diesel or gas?"

--I'm so glad to see Survivor Vanuatu's Rory back in a reality competition so soon. Dude needs a belt, however. Seriously.

--The Yield appears to be gone. No FF shown in this leg, either, but that's not unusual for leg one. No Road Block, though? Odd.

--As far as The Team That Got Eliminated is concerned, they took the road less traveled by -- literally -- and that made all the difference. Almost every stage of the competition is about Not Being Last, which means Not Fucking Up And Taking Stupid Risks, and they did that, twice, and earned their early exit.

There's no one I'm particularly rooting for, yet. Maybe Team Hellboy. You? And any other observations or proposed team nicknames, the floor is yours.

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